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Canton vs. Davison - Team Finals - February 29

Hello Wrestling Fans!  Here are my pictures of the from Round 1 of the Finals Meet.  It's been a long time since I photographed wrestling action without a flash, and even a longer time since being in spectator seating.  This gallery represents my best effort.  Please click the blue bar on the top of this page to see all the photos!  (Posted photos are proofs--many need cropping and brightening.  See corrected samples below.)

Sample Photos: Scroll down this page to see the highlights gallery.  Click a thumbnail to enlarge the picture.  (I have modified all these photos for color, contrast, and cropping from the original photos.)

* If you would like a photo removed for any reason, please contact me at PlymouthPictures@aol.com

The team on parade

Carl in action

Donnie faces off

The Takedown

Jeremy makes a reach

Getting instructions



Rodger with a victory


Luke looks for the pin

Waleed shoots