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Canton vs. Plymouth - Dual Meet - January 10

Hello Wrestling Fans!  Here are my pictures of the from Canton High school.  Please click the blue bar on the top of this page to see all the photos!  All photos are posted by JV or Varsity, with BLUE markers between the matches.  All photos are in order.

Sample Photos: Scroll down this page to see the highlights gallery.  Click a thumbnail to enlarge the picture.  (I have modified all these photos for color, contrast, and cropping from the original photos.)

To Purchase Prints: The photos are posted on the Photoreflect picture ordering service.  Please place your order through them.  I will adjust the photos for color, brightness, and cropping before sending them to the printer!  (Prints will NOT have the web logo on them.)  I have inspected every photo on the Photoreflect gallery, and have removed those that are out of focus.  Prices are posted on Photoreflect.  Shipping charge is $4 for any size order.  Email me for any special orders or requests (including enlargements up to 30x20).

* If you would like a photo removed for any reason, please contact me at PlymouthPictures@aol.com

JV - Canton's Jon v. Plymouth's Zaid

JV 130 - Tim

JV 130 - Matt

JV 135 - Canton's Steve vs. Plymouth's Tate

JV 145 - Canton's Matt vs. Plymouth's Nick

JV 189 - Canton's Robert vs. Plymouth's Brett (just before a reversal and pin by Brett)

A young photographer gets low on the action

Varsity 189 - Canton's Adam vs. Alex

Varsity 103 - Canton's Waleed vs. Plymouth's Jim

Varsity 112 - Canton's Connor vs. Bret

Somewhere in the tangle of arms and legs, Connor makes a pin

Varsity 125 - Steve

Canton's Donnie and Plymouth's Steve in action

Ref looks for the pin

Varsity 130 - Plymouth's Dylan vs. Canton's Mitch

Varsity 140 -Canton's Brent vs. Plymouth's Brandon

Varsity 145 - Canton's Anthony vs. Plymouth's Alex

Varsity 152 - Canton's Keith vs. Plymouth's Rob

Varsity 160 - Mitch

Varsity 171 - Canton's Rodger vs. Plymouth's Derek

"Meatball 189" ?

(Canton won)