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Canton and John Glenn at Individual Finals - March 6, 2010

Hello Wrestling Fans!  Here are some of my pictures from the Palace of Auburn Hills from the final day of individual wrestling finals.  These wrestlers are all in the top 8 of their weight category in the state.  Congratulations and great wrestling!  (And thanks to Ed Wright, of PlymouthCantonSports.com, for arranging the Press pass for me.  In wrestling, the view really is better from the floor!)

To Purchase Prints: Per MHSAA guidelines, there is no link to the full galleries, as I'm not offering these photos for sale.  If you have any questions, or would like a photo removed for any reason, please contact me at PlymouthPictures@aol.com

Canton's 140 Donnie

On the offense

Canton's 152 Brent


So close...

Canton's 160 Keith

Keith, up close

Going airborne!

Keith getting ready to attack

Canton's 189 Anthony

Anthony in control


Pointing to the Canton fan section

Franklin's 112 Steve

The takedown

John Glenn's 119 John

Looking tall in the Palace

Hanging with coach Polk (in casual mode)

And the last wrestler able to stand, wins. Hey, easy on the shoulder ref!

John Glenn's 130 Anthony

Coach Polk ready for finals

Anthony poses for the TV camera

OK, let's wrestle!

Hanging on

Anthony on defense

Up close grappling

The final takedown for the victory

State 130 1st place

John Glenn's 285 Dustin

Wrestling at the Palace