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MSYSA Round of 16 - Girls State Cup - October 5

Hello Soccer Fans!   This was a rent-a-photographer shoot, and 3 teams from the MSYSA Girls State Cup Round of 16 hired me for their games.  These are my favorite photos from those 3 games.  Great playing girls!

Please Note: The team will receive a DVD of all the images, as well as a password-protected online gallery.  These sample pictures are posted here for browsing by the general public.

* If you would like a photo removed for any reason, please contact me at

U14 - Michigan Burn vs RCC

Early action in front of the goal

A save

Midfield action

A save


Halftime talk

Celebrating a goal

(Michigan Burn won)


U15 - Michigan Jaguars 99 Green vs RSC

Action by the RSC goal

Keeper hurdling

Fancy footwork

RSC Keeper holds on

Jag keeper at the ready

(Jaguars won)


U16 - Michigan Jaguars 98 Green vs. Alliance

The number 11's battle

A save

It's a little muddy on field #1

(Jaguars won)