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Nolan, Steven, Jake at the Canton Cup - May 25

Hello Soccer Fans!  Occasionally I get to see some of the models I've worked with "in their natural environment".  Today, I stopped by the Canton Cup Tournament in Canton to see some live-action pictures of Nolan, Steven and Jake.  It looks like my posed action pictures that I've been taking in the studio, while better lit, are nowhere near the intensity of real game action pictures.  Nonetheless, I did manage to get some nice shots of the guys, as well as there teammates.

To Purchase Prints:  The models already have samples prints from this gallery.  If you're on one of the teams, and would like to see the full galleries, please send me an email. 

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Jake and Nolan:


Going for the header


Nolan vs. a tall opponent

In the air

Jake and Nolan's teammates

Adam in action



Steven warming up

Going for the high headshot

In action by the spectators

Trying to head one in the goal


Steven's teammates in action

And the keeper makes a save