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Portraits in Connecticut - May 2-3, 2009

Hello!  For this shoot, I joined Rick for an outdoor photoshoot.  Some of these models I've photographed before, so it was fun to see how they have grown since their last shoot.  We've seen Chris and Scott in Dayton last summer.  I've photographed Jay for a couple of years now, though he's been a black belt for as long as I've known him.  This was Tyler's first shoot, and it sure looked like he enjoyed it!   I've posted some of my favorite photos below.  Enjoy the photos!

Please Note: These pictures are posted here for browsing only.  All models will receive a CD of all the proof images from this photoshoot.  If you have any questions, please contact me at PlymouthPictures@aol.com

Chris at the quarry

Chris at the parking structure

Jay goes horizontal on the train car

Jay is patient as I try some off camera reflected flash

Jay on the tracks (just after the train went by)

Jay remains patient for more off-camera flash lighting for this shot

Sword action photos

Jay is available for modeling and stunts


Always the climber!

Tyler, the new guy!

The "Big Skateboard" shot

Hanging out at the gazebo

Poolside - the dry hair shot

The wet-head look

Beware of the locker monster!

Ninja waiting in ambush

Fortunately, the car was in park...