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Portraits in Maine - June 11-12, 2011

Hello!   On a cool and misty weekend, I met up with Rick in Maine for a shoot with the talent he represents there.  On Saturday we had Morgan, Taylan and Tyler, and on Sunday we had Gunner, Logan and Spencer.  We've seen Taylan, Logan and Spencer back last year during the indoor shoot in Connecticut.  Morgan and Tyler are fairly new, and and eased in to the routine.  Gunner is quite experienced, even though this was the first time I've worked with him.  Such endless energy from the models!  Great job everyone!

Please Note: These pictures are posted here for browsing only.  All models have received a CD of all the proof images from this photoshoot.  If you have any questions, please contact me at PlymouthPictures@aol.com


Gunner relaxed

Such expressions!

All dressed up

but still full of energy!

Time for Lacrosse. Go Central Maine Spartans!

Hanging with the horse.

With a backdrop of the beautiful Maine countryside

Logan, Gunner and Spencer with the donkey

Gunner (green) and Spencer (red) in lacrosse action




Logan gets dressed up


ready for lacrosse

out on the farm

When you're a black belt, you can defend yourself with anything!



Morgan strikes a pose under the scaffolding

I hope the train doesn't come by!

There's the train!

Morgan with Taylan



Spencer, full of energy as always!

Happy with the horse




On the steam locomotive

With the guitar on campus

The people are coming!



Tyler is ready to board the rails