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A Week at Camp Walden - July 6 to 13, 2008

Hello!  Camp Walden is a traditional Boys and Girls summer camp offering kids a wide variety of outdoor activities.  During my week there as camp doctor, I saw the usual minor injuries that one would expect in any camp.  I also took my camera, and had fun taking quite a few action and candid photos of the campers and staff.  My favorite 373 photos are in the full gallery, and I'm sending prints and digital images of those pictures to the camp yearbook staff.

Please Note: Of the 373 highlight photos, I have posted only 34 pictures of counselors and campers enjoying activities on the lake to the 'unprotected' gallery below.  If you have any questions, please contact me at

The crash boat is ready

Tubers away!



Going up


with Rooster Tail

Sailing in calm waters

Abandon ship ... (his is just a drill)

Couselors having fun

Campers having fun


Flying high ...and...

Hard landing

Sailing with a smile

Hanging on to the tube

Falling off the tube

Canoeing at camp