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1st Annual NAGA Ohio Grappling Championship - Reynoldsburg, OH - July 22

Hello Grappling Fans!  Er... what is grappling anyway?  This tournament is a contest of the martial arts -- like Karate and Ju-Jitsu.  The rules?  Well, the idea is to score points in your match by dominating your opponent with skill, moves, and aggression.  Many matches can also be won by submission, i.e. put your opponent in enough discomfort and make them give up.  (The refs would also stop a match, and award a victory, when any potentially dangerous positions were reached.)  Please Note: None of these pictures were 'staged'.  All the pain, and the moves, are real.  No one was hurt in these pictures.

The Gallery: Scroll down this page to see the gallery.  Click a thumbnail to enlarge the picture.  (I have modified all these photos for color, contrast, and cropping from the original photos.)

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Relaxing before the start of the tournament

Warming up

More Warmups

Listening to the rules of the tournament

That's a lot of contestants!

The man in charge

Relaxed and listening.

The Superfight event

And the tournament begins!

Waiting for his match

The foot-in-face move

The twisting-arm move

The show-your-oppenent-the-mat move

I'm not sure what this move is!

Getting twisted up

Watching with his parents, and the 1st place Samurai sword

Adjusting the belt on his Gi

Trying for the takedown

Gotta love the haircut

Ref watches the action. (and these refs can grapple too)

The takedown

Adults competing in the No-Gi division

Announcer checks events with the ref

Checking to make sure his head is still on...

Gi's getting a little ruffled during a match

Trying a kick from the ground

The Powerful heavyweight divison

Getting close

Hanging on

Is the timer ready?

Yes, women grapple too!

The... I'm not sure what this move is either...


Got water, computer game, 1st place sword, and spiked hair -- what more do you need?


Colorful Gi

Relaxing between matches