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Regionals: Jareth, Carter - Level 8, and Connor, Ryan - Level 9 - April 12

Hello Gymnastics Fans!  I usually do not go to the gymnastics regionals competition as the first one I went to was very crowded and had only fair lighting.  Well, this year's regionals was just too close to me to pass up, and I'm glad I went.  A nice, large facility with access on 3 sides, even if the lighting wasn't all that friendly.  Many unhappy faces during the competition though, as regional meet qualifiers tried to do better than their best to earn a national qualifying time.  Still though, every gymnast in the competition had something in common -- many, many hours of practice in the gym.  One can only be in awe of such dedication by so many talented athletes.  Once again, there are no posed shots here, just the real action and competition.

To Purchase Prints: The full galleries are not online, as each of the gymnasts has a CD of proof photos from their performance.

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Jareth getting ready for the p-bars

The dismount

Warming up on the high bar

Twisting during floor warmups (go blue!)

On the horse

Handstand on the rings (OSU fan with a block M in the background = priceless)

Running up to the vault ...and...

the plant ...and...

the tuck



Carter on the p-bars

Such flexibility!

In his natural state

Ready for the horse

The dismount


Level 8 Teammates and Coaches:

Level 8 teammate in action

Level 8 coaches in action


Level 9 Action:


Connor waiting for the judges to be ready

The ring dismount

Just hanging around



Ryan waits for his first event

Warming up on the rings

Handstand on the rings under the M

On the high bar

Upside down on the floor routine


Level 9 Teammates and Coaches:

Ready for the horse

On the rings

Warming up on the high bar

Another level 9 on the horse

Do I really have to get a shot of every OSU fan with the block M in the background? YES!

Not quite the splits

Surrounded by talented level 9's

Advice about the vault

The high-five