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Jareth, Treyven, Ryan, Shane and Teammates at the Spring Fling - March 9

Hello Gymnastics Fans!  Once again, I traveled down to Ohio for an annual gymnastics tournament. The models Jareth, Treyven and Ryan were competing on that day.  Shane was unknown to me during the competition, but we met afterwards and we did his first modeling photoshoot a few weeks later.  The gym was a bit small (better closeups!), and the lighting was nice.  There are no posed shots here, just the real action and competition.

To Purchase Prints: The full galleries are not online, as each of the gymnasts has a CD of proof photos from their performance.

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Upside down once again!

and again!

Ring dismount

A new move on the high bar.

Performing for the judge

Ready to vault

A good vault



Hamming for the camera during warmups

Dismounting the p-bars during warmups

On the high bar




Shane with his p-bar arm protectors

On the high bar


Ryan (Level 9):

Taking a fast approach

The vault

After an excellent ring routine

On the high bar

Flairing for the judge


Level 7 & 8 Teammates:

1st on rotation

3rd on rotation

4th on rotation

on the awards stand

6th on rotation

8th on rotation

9th on rotation

trouble on the high bar

coming off!

10th on rotation

Shaking the 'still rings'

Level 7-8 coach in action

Always encouraging


Level 9 Teammate:

Waiting for the rings

Good job!

Trouble on the high bar

The splits