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Redford Rangers vs. Garden City Chargers - Varsity - October 29

Hello Football Fans!  Here are my pictures from the Varsity game from Thurston High School in Redford.  Click the blue button above to see all the pictures from this game!

Sample Photos: Scroll down this page to see the highlights gallery.  Click a thumbnail to enlarge the picture.  (I have modified all these photos for color, contrast, and cropping from the original photos.)

To Purchase Prints: The photos are posted on the Photoreflect picture ordering service.  Please place your order through them.  I will adjust the photos for color, brightness, and cropping before sending them to the printer!  (just like I did for the sample photos)  I have inspected every photo on the photoreflect gallery, and have removed those that are out of focus.  Prices are posted on Photoreflect.  Shipping charge is $4 for any size order.  Email me for any special orders or requests (including enlargements up to 20x30).

* If you would like a photo removed for any reason, please contact me at

Varsity game:

Ready for weigh-in

Helmets on!

Ranger's QB looking for a pass

Ranger's #7 shows the camera his game face

Charger QB on the run

Rangers are in pursuit

Halftime show

Ranger's #28 gets his legs tied up

The Toe Touch!

Freshman players watching the Varsity game

Interception by the Rangers

Ranger seniors with their coaches