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Plymouth vs. Rockford - Varsity Playoffs - November 20

Hello Football Fans!  Here are my pictures from the playoff game at the Lansing Everett field.  Great game Wildcats!  Good luck next week!  Click the blue button above to see all the pictures!

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Tyler charges towards the handoff

Shaun back to pass

Thomas with a reception, and takes it to Rockford's 12, setting up Plymouth's first TD

Rockford on the advance, with Anothny covering the receiver

Jerel on the run

Brennen on the run

Interception! Rockford takes one away from Plymouth in the endzone.

Rockford's QB feels the heat from Plymouth's Brennen

Tyler on the line

Nat stretches for the tackle

After a reception, Michael is tackled with a fumble (recovered by Plymouth)

Tyler trips up this Ram

Ali-Akbar with a tackle

Phillip pursues, and tackles

Michael with another reception

The 'Cats swarm

Anthony with a tackle

Up in the air, Brennen catches another pass

Beachball, Michigan-style

Almost! Rockford's long pass falls incomplete

Go Cats!

Rockford's #49 meets Tony and Brennen

Jacob on the move

Almost... Nat stretches for a pass just out of reach

Rockford connects in the endzone, now it's Rockford's lead with less than 2 minutes left in the game.

By the sideline, it's Jacob with a catch

4th down ...and... pass complete to Brennen...1st Down!

And with less than 5 seconds left, Brennen catches Shaun's pass in the endzone!

And the Wildcat fans go wild, and throw popcorn everywhere

Game over, Plymouth wins!

Plymouth makes it to the State Finals next weekend! Go Cats!