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Plymouth vs. Catholic Central - Varsity Playoffs - November 13

Hello Football Fans!  Here are my pictures from the playoff game at the PCEP Varsity field.  Great game Wildcats!  Good luck next week!  Click the blue button above to see all the pictures!

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Ryan during warmups

Nat warms up too

The pregame huddle

Robert during the anthem

Anthony brings down the Shamrock

Tony goes for a roll during his tackle

Kyle puts up field goal #1

Philip with a tackle

Getting up close with Plymouth's Tyler on the line

Shaun back to pass

Jacob on the run after a reception

Donte rushes the ball

Brennen chases CC's QB for a sack

CC almost fumbles before scoring - Plymouth's Tyler and Brennen reach for the ball

Victor in action

Thomas tries to evade the CC defenders

Almost intercepted - Plymouth's Victor breaks up the pass on third down

It's a first down! Jarel on the run

Sack! Tyler brings down CC's QB

Fumble! Donte shakes the ball loose during a sack (ball went out of bounds)

Jerel on the run

Shaun passes

Nat with a catch before being hit

Thomas looks for some running room after a reception

The Wildcat eye-in-the-sky

And with a kick, Kyle makes field goal #2

Tony ready for action

Tyler on the line

With blocking by Tyler and Michael, Plymouth's Jerel takes Plymouth to the 5 yard line late in the 4th Quarter

And with another kick, Kyle makes his 3rd FG, and Plymouth leads 9 to 7

CC's #18 with an amazing catch near the Plymouth endzone. A penalty flag brought the ball back to midfield.

The last second: CC's field goal attempt falls short.

Plymouth wins!

Go Cats!