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Canton vs. Plymouth - Varsity - November 5

Hello Football Fans!  Here are my pictures from the playoff game at the PCEP Varsity field.  Click the blue button above to see all the pictures!

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Sophomore Nate before the big game

Canton's Michael reaches for Plymouth's Jerel

Plymouth's Cody on the line

First and Goal! Plymouth's Brennen hauls in Shaun's pass (Kevin tackling)

Nate in the endzone for Plymouth's first TD ...and...

The flying belly bump in celebration!

Canton's QB Ben being sacked by Donte ...and...

Hear this 'Cat roar!

Nate grabs the punt, with Canton's Ryan, and Plymouth's Anthony nearby

Brennen on the move

Donte tries for more yards, with the Chief's Jeff hanging on

Faris recovers Canton's fumble

Plymouth's pass to Jacob is tipped away by Canton's Josh


QB Ben in action

Putting the brakes on! Plymouth's Donte hauls down Canton's Davion

Faris stretches for Canton's Kevin

Michael on the run

The key play - Plymouth's Brennen hits Canton's Ben causing a fumble ...and...

It's picked up by Donte who runs and runs ...and...

Stretches for a Plymouth TD

Senior Kenneth celebrates his QB sack

Canton scores - Kevin is all alone when he catches Ben's pass, and heads for the endzone

Canton's Braden kicks the extra point good (Plymouth's Brennen stretching)

There he goes - Plymouth's Jerel on the move

Boom! Canton's Michael with a tackle

Nate with a tackle

Plymouth's Jacob hauls in Shaun's pass

Plymouth's Nate ends Canton's offensive drive with an interception in the endzone.

Shaun in action

The Plymouth line, as time runs out. (Plymouth won)