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Canton vs. Salem - Freshman, JV, Varsity - January 13

Hello Basketball Fans!  Here are my pictures from the games at Salem High School.  Click the blue button above to see all the pictures!

Special to this Gallery:  All first and third quarter photos were taken from the Canton basket, while the second and fourth quarter photos were taken from the Salem basket.  For brighter colors, I used flash for the first half.  But for more dramatic angles, I turned the flash off and moved closer to the basket for the second half.  Quarters are clearly marked in the full galleries.  Enjoy the photos!

To Purchase Prints: The photos are posted on the Photoreflect picture ordering service.  Please place your order through them.  I will adjust the photos for color, brightness, and cropping before sending them to the printer!  (Prints will NOT have the web logo on them.)  I have inspected every photo on the Photoreflect gallery, and have removed those that are out of focus.  Prices are posted on Photoreflect.  Shipping charge is $4 for any size order.  Email me for any special orders or requests (including enlargements up to 20x30).

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Freshman Game:

Salem's Josh drives to the basket

Tyler looks for a shot


Canton's Brelon tries to block

Ryan looking for a pass

Canton's Brelon in action

Markus takes a shot

Ready for the rebound

Salem's Eric tries a shot around Josh's reach

Deomonte on the free throw line


Marcus takes it to the hoop

Canton's Miles on defense

Brelon tries a shot between two Rocks

Refs relax during a time out

Salem's Marcus tries to block the ball

The Canton bench

Canton's Matt goes up for a shot ...and...

Denied by Salem's Ryan

Canton's Eri in action

The Rocks converge on the ball

(Canton won)


JV Game:

Canton's Blake warms up

Jeff warms up

Paul takes a shot

Drew in action

Canton's Ben tries to get around Salem's Rodney

Canton's Ben leaps high to block the shot

Drew takes a shot

Matt grabs the offensive rebound

Canton's Josh makes a pass around the Salem D

JV Chiefettes!

JV Rockettes!

JV Cheerleaders!

Salem's Jeff in action early in the second half

Is it going in?

A message from a fan (photo modified to remove last name)


Canton's Josh gets a close encounter with Salem's Drew

Canton's Paul takes a shot over Salem's Ethan

(Salem won)


Varsity Game:

Canton warms up

Canton's Kai in action

Salem's Heath drives to the hoop

Canton's Dietrich on defense

Marlan takes a shot


Expressions are now part of their routine!



Salem's Cortney blocks Canton's shot

The Canton huddle

Canton's Kevin tries to shoot over Jake's outstretched hand

Dietrich's shot is blocked by Salem's Jake

With 20 seconds left, Salem's Jim grabs the defensive rebound (Salem won)