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Salem vs. John Glenn - Freshman, JV, Varsity - January 18

Hello Basketball Fans!  Here are my pictures from the games at Salem High School.  Click the blue button above to see all the pictures!

Special to this Gallery:  SOME of these pictures are non-flash pictures.  These pictures will not be as bright or as colorful as my previous basketball pictures, and they will also show considerably more 'photo grain' especially at prints larger than 8x10s.  On the positive side, I was able to change the camera position to behind the basketball key for a very different perspective on the game.  Enjoy the photos!

To Purchase Prints: The photos are posted on the Photoreflect picture ordering service.  Please place your order through them.  I will adjust the photos for color, brightness, and cropping before sending them to the printer!  (Prints will NOT have the web logo on them.)  I have inspected every photo on the Photoreflect gallery, and have removed those that are out of focus.  Prices are posted on Photoreflect.  Shipping charge is $4 for any size order.  Email me for any special orders or requests (including enlargements up to 20x30).

* If you would like a photo removed for any reason, please contact me at

Freshman Game:

Ethan on the line

Devon in traffic

A future Salem Rock?

Devin takes a shot

Ready to enter the game

Salem's Scott on D ...and...

Scott on O

Devon warms up after halftime

JohnGlenn's (JG) #21 looks for the rebound

Salem's Drew in action

Stanley looks for a pass

The Layup shot

Salem's Dan goes flying as he's fouled during a shot


JV Game:

Pregame warmups

Fred takes a shot

Salem's Josh in action

JG's #10 showing intensity ..and...

takes it to the hoop

Salem's Dominique reaches high against John Glenn

Salem's Robert deals with a third hand

The JV Rockettes

Jake looks for a shot

Josh goes sailing to the hoop

Blake takes it to the hoop

Salem's Robert keeps the ball from the Rockets

Sharing a moment after the game


Varsity Game:

Grant warming up

Varsity Salem Rocks Basketball

The Tipoff


Looking for the rebound

Tyler looks for a pass

Ross in action

Cheerleader in the air!

Joe looks to pass


JG's #11 takes a shot, as the Salem stands watch

The Steal

Salem's Ross tries to reach over for the ball

Jesse in traffic

Joe flies high on D

Ross takes a layup

Cheerleaders catching some air.