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Plymouth vs. Canton - Freshman, JV and Varsity Games - January 31, 2014

Hello Basketball Fans!  With their extra room behind the baskets, I'm able to get right behind the baskets at the Plymouth HS gym.  And that's pretty much where I stayed for all 3 games!  For quarters 1 and 4, the Plymouth team was heading at me, and for quarters 2 and 3 the Canton team was heading at me.  Of course, with the defenders trying to get between the ball and the hoop, there were quite a few blocked shots.  Here are my pictures from those 3 games.  Click the blue button above to see all the pictures!  (to see the sample photos as a slideshow, click the Smugmug link on the bottom of this page.)

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Freshman Game:

Plymouth's Darius tries to get a shot off

Jonah in action

Hakeem looks to shoot, between 2 Chiefs

On the Free Throw line


Joshua looks to pass

Michael takes it to the hoop

Nick tries to manuever

Canton's Dylan snags the offensive rebound

Darius looking at double coverage

Steve in action

Canton's Matt and Plymouth's Robert fight for the rebound

Steve flies to the hoop

Coach Slaughter on the sideline

Justin looks to pass

Matt heads to the hoop between two cats

Steve tries a shot

Justin scrambles for the offensive rebound

Jacob takes a shot

Dylan looks for the hoop


Kyle and Darius look for the defensive rebound

Kyle stretches for a shot

Scramble for the loose ball

Looking for the rebound about a free throw

Justin and Nick scramble for the ball on the court


Julius and Robert fight for the ball

Scramble for the rebound

(Canton won)


JV Game:

Jeremy looks for a shot

Frank takes a shot

Pete tries in coverage

Plymouth's Julian tries to knock the ball away

Brennen looks to the hoop

Canton's Hamoudy tries to shoot around Plymouth's Frank

Zending in triple coverage

Armani goes for the hoop

Ross makes a pass in coverage

Canton's Zach on defense

Armani takes it to the hoop

Lorenzo looks for a shot

Ross at the baseline

JV Chiefettes!

JV Saberettes!

Second half action

Jackson goes for a layup

Fourth quarter strategy

Grabbing the rebound from the missed free throw

(Canton won)


Varsity Game:

The Varsity game begins

Chris looks for a shot

Randall drives to the hoop

Deji tries a shot

The Plymouth bench

Jordan flies high for a shot

Logan under the hoop

Greg takes a shot

Canton steals the ball

Josh takes a shot at the end of the half


Plymouth Competitive Cheer!


Chiefettes (in disguise)

The kick line

Second half action

The Plymouth bench

The Canton coaches

Despite the coverage, this shot scores 2

Shaine in action

Deni flies to the hoop

Looking for the rebound

Randall stretches for a shot

(Canton won)