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Canton vs. Salem - Freshman, JV and Varsity Games - December 13, 2013

Hello Basketball Fans!  Once again, early in the season, cross-campus rivals Canton and Salem met up at Canton High for 3 games of boys basketball.  The first 2 games went to Salem, while the Varsity game was closely contested to the end for a Canton victory.  Here are my pictures from those 3 games.  Click the blue button above to see all the pictures!  (to see the sample photos as a slideshow, click the Smugmug link on the bottom of this page.)

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Freshman Game:

Jason makes a pass

Jacob goes for a shot

Michael sneaks between 2 Chiefs

Steve watching the ball


Julius stretches to the hoop

Matt takes a shot

In traffic

Jake on the move

Coach Slaughter

Waiting to enter the game

Getting squeezed between two Rocks

At the free throw line

Camen looks for a shot amid flying Chiefs

Canton gets the rebound

Loose ball!

Double coverage on Salem's shot

Gage stretches for a shot

Sterling tries a flying shot

Waiting for the free throw

Ben takes a shot

Coach Baker in action

Steve on the line

Omar on the line

Canton's Jake gets caught between 2 Rocks

Justin goes flying to the hoop

Julius throws the ball back in bounds

Trevor gets the rebound

And the refs chill during a time-out

And the game winds to an end.

(Salem won)


JV Game:

Hunter takes a shot

Hamoudy looks for a shot around Matt's long arm

Taking a shot

A cramble for the rebound

Chris takes to the air

Freddie goes up for a shot

And the free throw is up in the air

Haltime - Time for the Chiefettes!



Make funny faces!

And smile, all in unison!

Back to basketball

Going for the rebound

Kenny on the line

Zach trying to get a shot

Stretching for the rebound

Triple coverage by the Rocks (Salem won)


Varsity Game:

Connor looks to the hoop

Jordan takes a shot for Canton

Discussing a call

Davon takes a shot

Jalen among the Rocks

Tyler sails for a shot

Shaine looks to the basket, but only sees arms

Salem gets the rebound

The combined JV and Varsity Chiefettes!

That's a high kick!

Allante brings down the pass

Loose ball!

The Canton bench

Jon on the line

Everyone goes for the rebound

(Canton won)